I try to maintain
A victim of my own lucidity
And when I try to stay sane
All the madness just crawls right out of me
When I throw on the light
My body in relief, it’s clinical
A corpse dying of fright
The movement in the mirror is minimal

Bet you never thought that this would kill that
Bet you never thought, bet you never thought
I never thought
You’re trying to do what?
Make this one kill that
Trying to do what you were always scared of

To focus is hard
For lips that never move to communicate
And I’m always on guard
The object of the force to terminate
It’s a throw away life
My body and my thoughts just vaporize
And I’m covered in bites
By a madness that remains still weaponized

A maze that’s mine
A blade so fine
Bet you never thought, bet you never, never, never thought.